Jared Leto


Raised on the road in Alaska, Virginia, Haiti and Brazil by his photographer mom, Jared Leto continued his transient lifestyle after graduating from high school in Massachusetts by studying painting at University of the Arts in Philadelphia and filmmaking at New York’s School of Visual Arts. In 1992, he headed west to try acting and by 1994, he was making girls everywhere swoon as My So Called Life’s resident bad boy Jordan Catalano. The beloved show lasted only one season and he transitioned to film easily. Tackling the emotionally and physically draining story of Olympic runner Prefontaine in 1997 made critic’s realize he was more than a pretty face despite multiple appearances on People’s Most Beautiful list. Possibly to combat the pretty boy image, he took a series of roles that required drastic physical strain or changes including Fight Club, American Psycho and Panic Room. He lost 30 pounds to play an addict in 2000’s Requiem For A Dream and gained nearly 60 to play John Lennon killer Mark David Chapman in 2007’s Chapter 27. In 1998, he threw on black eyeliner and started an emo band, 30 Seconds To Mars, with his brother Shannon. Functioning as the lead singer and guitarist required him to devote more time to the stage than the screen especially after their sophomore album A Beautiful Lie spawned a successful single “The Kill,” platinum sales and a world tour. The vegetarian has also made headlines with his off-screen love interests like Cameron Diaz (engaged), Scarlet Johansson, Ashley Olson and Lindsay Lohan as well as some angry encounters with paparazzi.